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    In the observation car, Megan peered down at Mike and another woman who appeared to be finding immense satisfaction in exchanging spit. Lieutenant Engle, by my boot heels, here you are! someone bellowed with almost deafening good cheer from behind them.
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    He waited until she quit looking over her shoulder so he could approach her from behind and surprise her.

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  • He picked up the chair and set it next to the bed. Edwards at not being able to meet his expectations, did you not?
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    She tried to keep the trembling out of her voice. He might not kill you, but he could shoot you in the arm or leg.

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  • The wolf padded ahead of him reaching Lucas first, hoping for a pet.
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  • Her heart hammered in her ears and her breath quickened. Neither one of us woke up this morning with a plan to come here.
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  • The snuffbox might simply be a keepsake from another heist, something functional enough that the thief had decided against pawning it. I have all my life, this isn t going to change.
  • The only explanation was to say she was not human, which he already knew she was.
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    He chuckled, held her tightly and kissed the top of her head.

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  • As you wish he turned her swiftly and pushed her against the desk slamming his body against hers. Oh God! he could feel the blood drain from his head in horror.
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    Lucas walked to the glass decanter on a nearby table to pour himself a glass of brandy, without looking up he spoke.

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  • Charlotte had heard once that he kept a rather distasteful collection of garter ribbons in his highboy as testimony to his conquests.

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  • Lucas, I don t give a damn about the extremes.
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    Name: Kyne
    Meaning: Royal
    Gender: Male

    Name: Richer
    Meaning: "Great one, of power."
    Gender: Male

    Name: Elva
    Meaning: Elf
    Gender: Femal

    Name: Terence
    Meaning: Old form of the Roman clan name Terrance.
    Gender: Male

    Name: Farry
    Meaning: Manly
    Gender: Male

    Name: Gow
    Meaning: A smith
    Gender: Male

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